Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Spindle Magazine: Ikea Heights

An article in Spindle Magazine about a group of film-makers who find free locations, ready-made sets in which to film in... it's great! Check it out 'Ikea Heights'

On a familiar side-note, this kinda reminds me of some misspent summers with friends when I was 14-15. Talking crap to passers by in the street, parks, people's front doors... all it took was a recording camcorder and a white lie - that it was some sort of school project, faux interviews to alleviate some of the summer holiday boredom, chutzpah!
Can't imagine teenagers doing that sort of thing nowadays, 'raar'... pass me my slippers now that's fierce. Actually, what am I talking about, mobile phones, it happens all the time, except with a mobile I guess you can't really get away with the pseudo disclosure of 'erm, this is for a school project'.